Friday, August 2, 2013

Compressing Magic Lantern RAW video Part II

I shot a candlelight test with the Mark 3 (finally got it back from service) and the Mark 2 and decided to test the file sizes again.

Mark 3 footage uncompressed: 100.22GB
Mark 3 footage lossless compressed: 55.82GB (44% reduction in size)
Mark 3 footage loss compressed: 22.63GB (77% reduction in size)

Mark 2 footage uncompressed: 47.15GB
Mark 2 footage lossless compressed: 29.56GB (37% reduction in size)
Mark 2 footage lossy compressed: 16.53GB (65% reduction in size)

Pretty significant savings, even with the lossless compression. Since I haven't finished editing this one, I think I'll keep the lossless compressed around until I finish. Then chuck it and keep just the lossy compressed files.

Above is a frame from the test. Lit purely by candlelight!

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  1. Really super... i have some doubts in video compression can you please help me sir..