Friday, July 12, 2013

Canon 5D High ISO RAW Video

I shot this for a client on Monday, using mostly ISO1600 and sometimes 3200 (the dog in sun was ISO100). The consequence was that I barely had to light it, and I could really run and gun, focusing my attention on content and pulling focus. Some of the footage has been pushed +1.0 to +1.6 stops of exposure in post (ACR) to match brightness levels from clip to clip. The post production cost is higher than shooting H264 though... I estimate for a short video like this, to add 1 to 1.5 days. With my workflow, that's the time to convert raw files to DNGs and adjust them, and also the time at the end to do color corrections and other raw adjustments and re-encode ProRes files.

The lesson learned here, for me, is that I can shoot at ISO1600 with impunity, and probably 3200 too. In post, I couldn't tell them apart. Can't wait to try with the 5D Mark III next to see if it's that much better. These are exciting times indeed. Arri Alexa eat your heart out!

Rare Breed Gourmet Dog Treats from John Ha on Vimeo.

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