Sunday, March 10, 2013

Most reliable hard drives for photography and video

What brand of hard drive do you think I'll never buy again?

All hard drives fail eventually. It's just a fact of life. But some fail more frequently than others.

I used to buy all Hitachi drives and they were great for a while, but then their reliability went down the tubes. I switched to Seagate drives and they were fine, but then one by one they died. I have 10 drives inside my Mac Pro, and I use two externals. I used to RAID everything, so when I bought a set of drives, I would buy a dozen or more so that I would have matching drives and spares. Of the 14 Seagate drives I bought during my Seagate phase, only 2 still work! Now that is unbelievable.

I've since switched to Western Digital drives and they have, knock on wood, been very reliable. I use 3TB Green and Red drives for bulk storage, SSDs for boot, and Velociraptors as supplemental fast storage to the SSDs.

Here's what I recommend:

For SSDs, Samsung 840 series:
For fast supplemental storage, 1TB Western Digital Velociraptors:
For bulk storage, Western Digital 3TB RED drives:

If there's demand for it, I can talk about my crazy 10-drive configuration in my Mac Pro tower in a separate post.

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