Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mighty Mutts

I've been wanting to shoot some pro bono work of rescue dogs in New York.  When you look at the websites of dog rescue places, and on Petfinder, the photos are so terrible - all you see are crappy cell phone or direct flash shots where the camera is pointed down on the dog.  So when I met a great dog at the dog park a few months ago, and found out he was from Mighty Mutts, I filed that name away in my head.

If you live in New York, you might have seen them in Union Square with the dogs and cats they are fostering for adoption.  This is an amazing all-volunteer no-kill animal rescue organization, run by an equally amazing woman named Michelle.

We had our first shoot on Sunday and here are some of the images.  If you want to rescue any of these dogs here, please feel free to get in touch at http://www.mightymutts.org/ or you can leave me a comment here on the blog.

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